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Jahel Joaillier

Michel Jahel grew up in Beirut where art and design surrounded him. In 1995, he opened his first workshop, where his imagination was transformed into creations made by professional craftsmen. Married to a talented and inspiring jeweler, Clara Jahel naturally turned towards jewelry too. Her line is dedicated to modern women who appreciate simplicity and individuality, making her pieces easy to wear every day.



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Pic Hoop
Jahel JoaillierPic Hoop
Sale price€1.050
Big Butterfly NecklaceBig Butterfly Necklace
Shana Rigid BraceletShana Rigid Bracelet
Creole and Scarab Earrings
Tsavorite Indian Arrow RingTsavorite Indian Arrow Ring
Earring Snake
Indian RingIndian Ring
Jahel JoaillierIndian Ring
Sale price€7.500
Dot Creole
Vee Creole
Jahel JoaillierVee Creole
Sale price€1.650
Emerald Peak Creole
Shana NecklaceShana Necklace
Smal Butterfly NecklaceSmal Butterfly Necklace
Black Diamonds Indian Arrow RingBlack Diamonds Indian Arrow Ring
Shana RingShana Ring
Jahel JoaillierShana Ring
Sale price€1.800
Pink Brown Diamond Claw Stone RingPink Brown Diamond Claw Stone Ring
Beetle Earring Brushed Rose GoldBeetle Earring Brushed Rose Gold
Black and Green Enamel Sparrow EarringBlack and Green Enamel Sparrow Earring
Leaf Diamond RingLeaf Diamond Ring
Brown Diamond Leaf EarringBrown Diamond Leaf Earring
Indian Gray Diamond and Tsavorites EarringIndian Gray Diamond and Tsavorites Earring
Indian Hematite And Gray Diamond EarringIndian Hematite And Gray Diamond Earring
White Enamel Sparrow Oval EarringWhite Enamel Sparrow Oval Earring
Blue Sapphire and Tsavorite Beetle EarringsBlue Sapphire and Tsavorite Beetle Earrings
Sunrise RingSunrise Ring
Jahel JoaillierSunrise Ring
Sale price€11.600
Indian Necklace Rose Gold Diamond and TsavoriteIndian Necklace Rose Gold Diamond and Tsavorite
Small Indian Model Earring
Rose Gold Leaf and Diamond Creole
Sparrow Diamond and Tsavorite NecklaceSparrow Diamond and Tsavorite Necklace
3 Stars Turquoise Ankle Bracelet 3 Stars Turquoise Ankle Bracelet
Large Indian Model Earring
3 Stars Hematite Ankle Bracelet 3 Stars Hematite Ankle Bracelet
Gray Diamond Beetle Earring

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