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Founded in 2015 by Baylee Ann Zwart, Azlee merges ancient practices of jewelry design, Art Deco architecture and the romance of the natural world into a singular take on modern luxury. Azlee is the convergence of her personal and professional journey. It reinterprets timeless references in a line of contemporary fine jewelry designed for everyday life. Balancing the tension between distinct elements in materials and form, masculine lines and feminine shapes, each piece is a modern work of art echoing the past.



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Charm Lion Large Ruby Coin
Charm Goddess Large Pave Coin
Charm Aphrodite Large Coin
Charm Animal Kingdom Pave Small
Karkinos Small Coin Charm
Cancer Small Coin Charm
Pisces Small Coin Charm
Aphrodite Small Diamond Coin Charm
Gemini Large Coin Charm
Elefante Small Diamond Coin Charm
Compass Small Diamond Coin Charm
Medium Lion Glass Coin Charm
Cosmic Small Diamond Coin Charm
Leo Large Coin Charm
AzleeLeo Large Coin Charm
Sale price€4.505
Scorpio Large Coin Charm
Taurus Large Coin Charm
Owl Of Athena Large Diamond Coin Charm
Hera Goddess Small Tigers Eye Amulet Charm
Zodiac Small Diamond Coin Charm
Emerald Scattered Large Gold Nugget Charm
Medium Lion Glass Coin Charm
Earth Large Diamond Coin Charm
Owl Of Athena Small Diamond CharmOwl Of Athena Small Diamond Charm
Zodiac Large Diamond Coin CharmZodiac Large Diamond Coin Charm
Carre Diamond CharmCarre Diamond Charm
AzleeCarre Diamond Charm
Sale price€2.230
Small Diamond Enamel CharmSmall Diamond Enamel Charm
Tiger's Eye and Gold Bar Bead NecklaceTiger's Eye and Gold Bar Bead Necklace
Modern Byzantine Emerald Small Coin CharmModern Byzantine Emerald Small Coin Charm
Ruby and Trillion Diamonds Stud
Light Beam Diamond CharmLight Beam Diamond Charm
Rich Ruby Bead NecklaceRich Ruby Bead Necklace
Compass Coin BraceletCompass Coin Bracelet
AzleeCompass Coin Bracelet
Sale price€3.910

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