Pascale Monvoisin - Collection de bijoux exclusivement chez Mad Lords

Pascale Monvoisin

At the heart of Pascale Monvoisin's creative universe, the elsewhere holds a special place. She travels the world and her jewels take us on a journey. She designs and produces her collections in her Parisian studio, works with nuance on materials and colors, mixes raw and refined patterns.



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 Diamond Ava Ring n°2 Diamond Ava Ring n°2
Emerald Ava Ring n°1Emerald Ava Ring n°1
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Mira RingMira Ring
Emerald Ava Ring n°2Emerald Ava Ring n°2
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Ava Emerald BraceletAva Emerald Bracelet
Sold out
Ava Diamond BraceletAva Diamond Bracelet
Emerald Adèle Ring n°1Emerald Adèle Ring n°1
Diamond Ava Ring n°1Diamond Ava Ring n°1
Noa NecklaceNoa Necklace
Bahia NecklaceBahia Necklace
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Frida NecklaceFrida Necklace
Mira NecklaceMira Necklace
Green Onyx Gaïa Necklace n°1 Green Onyx Gaïa Necklace n°1
Malo Zoisite AmuletMalo Zoisite Amulet
Malo Ruby AmuletMalo Ruby Amulet
Turquoise Malo AmuletTurquoise Malo Amulet
Iman Ruby AmuletIman Ruby Amulet
Gaia Green Onyx RingGaia Green Onyx Ring
Gaia Lolite RingGaia Lolite Ring
Orso Ruby Necklace n°1 Orso Ruby Necklace n°1
Orso Lolite Necklace n°1Orso Lolite Necklace n°1
Souad Earring n°3 Souad Earring n°3
Souad Earring n°4 Souad Earring n°4
Orso Green Onyx Necklace n°1 Orso Green Onyx Necklace n°1
Iman Labradorite AmuletIman Labradorite Amulet
Holi Malachite NecklaceHoli Malachite Necklace
Crystal Vadim AmuletCrystal Vadim Amulet
Marcia NecklaceMarcia Necklace
Iman Malachite AmuletIman Malachite Amulet
Iman Crystal AmuletIman Crystal Amulet
Debbie Necklace n°3Debbie Necklace n°3
Petra Necklace n°4Petra Necklace n°4

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