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Sevan Bıçakçı started his work as a jeweler at the age of 12. His first personal collection, which he created in 2002, was inspired by the historic Grand Bazaar - Sultanahmet district where he spends much of his daily life. Since then, his unique creations requiring intensive craftsmanship have attracted the attention of collectors and some renowned stores.



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Ak Ana RingAk Ana Ring
Sevan BicakciAk Ana Ring
Sale price€42.090
Talay RingTalay Ring
Sevan BicakciTalay Ring
Sale price€59.840
Oghuz NecklaceOghuz Necklace
Sevan BicakciOghuz Necklace
Sale price€31.730
Korkut Ata NecklaceKorkut Ata Necklace
Alaz NecklaceAlaz Necklace
Sevan BicakciAlaz Necklace
Sale price€73.420
Ay Dede RingAy Dede Ring
Sevan BicakciAy Dede Ring
Sale price€22.320
Muhtar RingMuhtar Ring
Sevan BicakciMuhtar Ring
Sale price€26.360
Lazuli RingLazuli Ring
Sevan BicakciLazuli Ring
Sale price€30.700
Kadife PendantKadife Pendant
Sevan BicakciKadife Pendant
Sale price€12.650
Osman RingOsman Ring
Sevan BicakciOsman Ring
Sale price€12.520
Saadettin Efendi PendantSaadettin Efendi Pendant
Necip RingNecip Ring
Sevan BicakciNecip Ring
Sale price€74.710
Ka NecklaceKa Necklace
Sevan BicakciKa Necklace
Sale price€1.715
Sold out
Nisantasi NecklaceNisantasi Necklace
Major Kâmil BraceletMajor Kâmil Bracelet
Sold out
Ipek NecklaceIpek Necklace
Sevan BicakciIpek Necklace
Sale price€8.950
Sibel NecklaceSibel Necklace
Sevan BicakciSibel Necklace
Sale price€25.695
Sold out
Beyoglu NecklaceBeyoglu Necklace
Sevan BicakciBeyoglu Necklace
Sale price€11.200
Sold out
Füsun NecklaceFüsun Necklace
Sevan BicakciFüsun Necklace
Sale price€10.990
Korkut BraceletKorkut Bracelet
Sevan BicakciKorkut Bracelet
Sale price€55.075
Pakizë BraceletPakizë Bracelet
Sevan BicakciPakizë Bracelet
Sale price€45.065
Ferhat Yilmaz Earring
Beyzehir BraceletBeyzehir Bracelet
Rostam BraceletRostam Bracelet
Sevan BicakciRostam Bracelet
Sale price€15.480
Nuri Pacha BraceletNuri Pacha Bracelet
Mustafa BraceletMustafa Bracelet
Sevan BicakciMustafa Bracelet
Sale price€16.470
Bonkowski Pacha BraceletBonkowski Pacha Bracelet
Safiye BraceletSafiye Bracelet
Sevan BicakciSafiye Bracelet
Sale price€18.845
Ayse BraceletAyse Bracelet
Sevan BicakciAyse Bracelet
Sale price€10.540
Sold out
Hasan BraceletHasan Bracelet
Sevan BicakciHasan Bracelet
Sale price€9.590
Gördes BraceletGördes Bracelet
Sevan BicakciGördes Bracelet
Sale price€25.300
Fikriye Hanim BraceletFikriye Hanim Bracelet

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