L'Atelier Nawbar - Sa collection exclusive de bijoux chez Mad Lords

L'Atelier Nawbar

A holistic collaboration between designers, artisans and consumers, L'Atelier Nawbar celebrates innovation, elegance and jewelry for the modern woman. Each collection exudes the Nawbar heritage - handcrafted by artisans using timeless techniques, with style and concept that enlivens the senses.In Beirut, design, manufacturing and the showroom are one. Hammers, stirrups and shears shine alongside diamonds and gold.



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Ouyou Al So Necklace Ouyou Al So Necklace
Qamar NecklaceQamar Necklace
Nos Al Hawa NecklaceNos Al Hawa Necklace
Lahza NecklaceLahza Necklace
Panther of Love NecklacePanther of Love Necklace
Manifest RingManifest Ring
Leil Nhari NecklaceLeil Nhari Necklace
Tribal Eye NecklaceTribal Eye Necklace
Nina Bling Statement RingNina Bling Statement Ring
Eye in the Sky NecklaceEye in the Sky Necklace
Moon Eye NecklaceMoon Eye Necklace
Zodiac Sun NecklaceZodiac Sun Necklace
Miladi NecklaceMiladi Necklace
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Moon Light NecklaceMoon Light Necklace
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Abstract Eye NecklaceAbstract Eye Necklace
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Virgin Mary NecklaceVirgin Mary Necklace
Ibiza Heart Pinky RingIbiza Heart Pinky Ring
Pinky Turquoise RingPinky Turquoise Ring
Stone Pinky RingStone Pinky Ring
Heart on a Sleeve NecklaceHeart on a Sleeve Necklace
Zodiac Wheel RingZodiac Wheel Ring
The Prosperous Pomegranate NecklaceThe Prosperous Pomegranate Necklace
Heart United NecklaceHeart United Necklace
Love Spring NecklaceLove Spring Necklace
Ibiza Gold Pinky Malachite RingIbiza Gold Pinky Malachite Ring
Mini Day and Night NecklaceMini Day and Night Necklace
Pink Opal Arabesque RingPink Opal Arabesque Ring
Ibiza Cosmic Love Green Sapphire RingIbiza Cosmic Love Green Sapphire Ring
Ibiza Cosmic Love Orange Sapphire RingIbiza Cosmic Love Orange Sapphire Ring
Ibiza Gold Pinky Abalone RingIbiza Gold Pinky Abalone Ring
Flirt Eye NecklaceFlirt Eye Necklace
Rebel Eye NecklaceRebel Eye Necklace

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