Jewelry for Code Breakers

We are new hippies, nomads and free. Luxury codes only exist to be challenged. Our jewelry is dedicated to those horrified by conformism. We exhibit our jewelry in boutiques, sometimes secret, always discreet, designed to never look like any other. In these magical places, only your happiness enchants us

Mad Stores

Flagship & Piercing studio

We moved to Rue St-Honoré to present our treasure hunts discoveries around the world. Once you have crossed the doors of our shops, it’s up to you to discover the treasures you want to look for. We will be your guides, without ever imposing a particular destination

« Mad Lords creates lust by finding designers from everywhere. »

Paris - St-Tropez - Deauville

Piercing studios

In 18K gold, paved with diamonds or precious stones, in a ring or stud shape, we offer a wide range of designer piercings as well as the services of our team of piercers in our Paris, Deauville and St-Tropez Studios.

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