Mosaïs Paris - Sa collection exclusive de bijoux chez Mad Lords

Mosaïs Paris

MØSAÏS Paris was born from the fusion of two opposing worlds: 3D creation and craftsmanship.

Each handcrafted piece is designed using 3D modeling; seeking intricate seamless textures, then subtly hand-shaped for a futuristic look. Perfectly adapted to an emancipated lifestyle, MØSAIS's vision is to create unisex creations with an avant-garde style, intended for assertive personalities.



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CB06-54 RingCB06-54 Ring
CB13-54 RingCB13-54 Ring
AZKVK-066 RingAZKVK-066 Ring
ST-54 011 RingST-54 011 Ring
HYB-D-015 BraceletHYB-D-015 Bracelet
AZK-HS1 NeclaceAZK-HS1 Neclace
AZKVK-099 RingAZKVK-099 Ring
HYD-D-14 RingHYD-D-14 Ring
GHOST-014 RingGHOST-014 Ring
GHOST 08 BraceletGHOST 08 Bracelet
HYB-D-010 Bracelet HYB-D-010 Bracelet
SIK-010 BraceletSIK-010 Bracelet
GHOST-08 RingGHOST-08 Ring
AZK-VK01 NecklaceAZK-VK01 Necklace
GHOST RV-08 RingGHOST RV-08 Ring
COD-10 BraceletCOD-10 Bracelet
MAP-013 BraceletMAP-013 Bracelet
GHOST-RV 08 BraceletGHOST-RV 08 Bracelet
GHOST-010 BraceletGHOST-010 Bracelet
 AZK-VK0K Bracelet AZK-VK0K Bracelet
ATY-09 BraceletATY-09 Bracelet
ATY-013 RingATY-013 Ring
ATY-10 BraceletATY-10 Bracelet
AZK-01 BraceletAZK-01 Bracelet
ROS-140 BraceletROS-140 Bracelet
VIK-454 RingVIK-454 Ring
VYK-2KA RingVYK-2KA Ring
Itta-111 RingItta-111 Ring
Itta-1-1 RingItta-1-1 Ring
Necklace 1Necklace 1
Mosaïs ParisNecklace 1
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