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It is thanks to artistic craftsmanship and jewelry work that ROC enhances silver jewelry, revealing a look that is equally  raw, rock and authentic. Made from ancient relics, designer Ophélie Recher gives her jewelry a mission of symbolic transmission, creating a link between history and future buyers.



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Square Signet RingSquare Signet Ring
RocSquare Signet Ring
Sale price€240
Pearl RingPearl Ring
RocPearl Ring
Sale price€150
Lace I RingLace I Ring
RocLace I Ring
Sale price€300
Debris III RingDebris III Ring
RocDebris III Ring
Sale price€150
Fragment Signet RingFragment Signet Ring
RocFragment Signet Ring
Sale price€240
Water Green RingWater Green Ring
RocWater Green Ring
Sale price€400
Gray Solitaire RingGray Solitaire Ring
RocGray Solitaire Ring
Sale price€340
Origin RingOrigin Ring
RocOrigin Ring
Sale price€140
Ring Debris IVRing Debris IV
RocRing Debris IV
Sale price€90
Tourmaline Solitaire RingTourmaline Solitaire Ring
Black Solitaire RingBlack Solitaire Ring
RocBlack Solitaire Ring
Sale price€330
Redtears RingRedtears Ring
RocRedtears Ring
Sale price€370
Bague 2 CentsBague 2 Cents
RocBague 2 Cents
Sale price€460
Nîmes Half Duponidus Choker NecklaceNîmes Half Duponidus Choker Necklace
Choker Necklace IChoker Necklace I
RocChoker Necklace I
Sale price€360
The Sun RingThe Sun Ring
RocThe Sun Ring
Sale price€460
Ancient Charm
RocAncient Charm
Sale price€80
Necklace Choker IINecklace Choker II
RocNecklace Choker II
Sale price€310
Short Choker Necklace IShort Choker Necklace I
Alexander III RingAlexander III Ring
RocAlexander III Ring
Sale price€270
Antique NecklaceAntique Necklace
RocAntique Necklace
Sale price€535
Antique Lace BraceletAntique Lace Bracelet
RocAntique Lace Bracelet
Sale price€460
Gordian III NecklaceGordian III Necklace
RocGordian III Necklace
Sale price€1.090
Debris RingDebris Ring
RocDebris Ring
Sale price€330
Antelope RingAntelope Ring
RocAntelope Ring
Sale price€420
Large bangleLarge bangle
RocLarge bangle
Sale price€435
Caudry II RingCaudry II Ring
RocCaudry II Ring
Sale price€210
Textured Ring IITextured Ring II
RocTextured Ring II
Sale price€220
Textured Ring ITextured Ring I
RocTextured Ring I
Sale price€170
Eye Amulet NecklaceEye Amulet Necklace
RocEye Amulet Necklace
Sale price€500
Probus NecklaceProbus Necklace
RocProbus Necklace
Sale price€535
Gold and Silver Eye Amulet NecklaceGold and Silver Eye Amulet Necklace

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