Holzpuppe - Collection de bijoux exclusivement chez Mad Lords à Paris


Holzpuppe, The ART rather than a product. Holzpuppe is a handmade jewelry brand, founded in 2014, based in Seoul, South Korea. Avant-garde and with a natural design, the brand uses highly experimental techniques. All pieces are handmade in designer Chanyu Lee's workshop.Three conditions: craftsmanship, effort and belief, make Holzpuppe's biggest motto.



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Stackable HP-R003 RingStackable HP-R003 Ring
HP-R005 Ring with 3 DiamondsHP-R005 Ring with 3 Diamonds
HP-R004 RingHP-R004 Ring
HolzpuppeHP-R004 Ring
Sale price€270
BR-923 Ring BR-923 Ring
HolzpuppeBR-923 Ring
Sale price€310
HP-R002 RingHP-R002 Ring
HolzpuppeHP-R002 Ring
Sale price€330
HP-R001 RingHP-R001 Ring
HolzpuppeHP-R001 Ring
Sale price€330
Japanese White Pine Bark RingJapanese White Pine Bark Ring
Fine Japanese White Pine Bark RingFine Japanese White Pine Bark Ring
Japanese White Pine Bark Large RingJapanese White Pine Bark Large Ring
Sapphire Shaped Femur BraceletSapphire Shaped Femur Bracelet
Ruby Shaped Femur BraceletRuby Shaped Femur Bracelet
Peridot Shaped Femur BraceletPeridot Shaped Femur Bracelet
Nail Shaped Ring with BarnaclesNail Shaped Ring with Barnacles
Ring Ivy Trunk BarkRing Ivy Trunk Bark
Baby's Breath Bouquet NecklaceBaby's Breath Bouquet Necklace
Nail Shaped RingNail Shaped Ring
Safety Pin Necklace with BarnaclesSafety Pin Necklace with Barnacles
Safety Pin CollarSafety Pin Collar
Double Band Ring with Black Diamond PoemDouble Band Ring with Black Diamond Poem
Pomegranate Necklace with RubiesPomegranate Necklace with Rubies
Bandage RingBandage Ring
HolzpuppeBandage Ring
Sale price€310
Chinese Maple Bark RingChinese Maple Bark Ring
Punctured Rectangular RingPunctured Rectangular Ring
Spoon NecklaceSpoon Necklace
HolzpuppeSpoon Necklace
Sale price€710
Double Band Ring with Textured BandDouble Band Ring with Textured Band
Double Band Ring with PoemDouble Band Ring with Poem
Double Band Ring with Poem and DiamondDouble Band Ring with Poem and Diamond
Ruby Cherry Branch Silver RingRuby Cherry Branch Silver Ring
Unique Texture RingUnique Texture Ring
Hollow Oval RingHollow Oval Ring
Oval Signet RingOval Signet Ring
Molten Rectangle RingMolten Rectangle Ring

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