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Daniela D'Agostino is influenced by her travels, her lifelong passions for art, design, architecture, photography, literature, spiritual symbolism and nature. The most essential source of inspiration for her lies in the inner strength and sensuality of women. Each piece is handmade in Lebanon and Italy using stones from all over the world. Behind each of her creations hides a story, a color, a shape, an evocative symbol of a particular place or memory.Nomad jewelry is custom made with 18k gold, diamonds and a wide variety of gemstones.



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Orange Sapphire Leopard BraceletOrange Sapphire Leopard Bracelet
Infiinite Sky Earring
NomadInfiinite Sky Earring
Sale price€1.230
Jahanara Earring
NomadJahanara Earring
Sale price€1.380
Rainbow Large Size Earring
Rainbow Lotus RingRainbow Lotus Ring
NomadRainbow Lotus Ring
Sale price€5.770
Mini Mughal Rainbow BraceletMini Mughal Rainbow Bracelet
Mini Rainbow RingMini Rainbow Ring
NomadMini Rainbow Ring
Sale price€1.520
Mini Mojave Sunrise RingMini Mojave Sunrise Ring
Mughal Rainbow BraceletMughal Rainbow Bracelet
Majestic Rainbow NecklaceMajestic Rainbow Necklace
Mini Mojave Sunrise BraceletMini Mojave Sunrise Bracelet
Mojave Sunset BraceletMojave Sunset Bracelet
NomadMojave Sunset Bracelet
Sale price€7.840
Elaia RingElaia Ring
NomadElaia Ring
Sale price€6.415
Cactus Shades BraceletCactus Shades Bracelet
NomadCactus Shades Bracelet
Sale price€7.840
Moons and Stars NecklaceMoons and Stars Necklace
Love NecklaceLove Necklace
NomadLove Necklace
Sale price€2.115
Compass Star RingCompass Star Ring
NomadCompass Star Ring
Sale price€3.000
Rose Petals NecklaceRose Petals Necklace
NomadRose Petals Necklace
Sale price€4.765
Yellow Gold Oryx Earring
Namib RingNamib Ring
NomadNamib Ring
Sale price€7.435
Mirage BraceletMirage Bracelet
NomadMirage Bracelet
Sale price€8.830
Pink Mojave BanglePink Mojave Bangle
NomadPink Mojave Bangle
Sale price€7.840
Hoola Hoops White Diamonds Earring
Rainbow RingRainbow Ring
NomadRainbow Ring
Sale price€4.390
Brown Diamonds Namib BraceletBrown Diamonds Namib Bracelet
Large Hoola Hoops Earring
Bracelet Dance With The Star
Rainbow BraceletRainbow Bracelet
NomadRainbow Bracelet
Sale price€7.840
Oryx Small Earring
NomadOryx Small Earring
Sale price€1.380
Namib Rose Gold BraceletNamib Rose Gold Bracelet
Namib White Gold BraceletNamib White Gold Bracelet
Large Oryx Earring
NomadLarge Oryx Earring
Sale price€2.080

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