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Flat Star Large Earring with DiamondsFlat Star Large Earring with Diamonds
Reflection Ruby Diamond Earrings
Cross Baguette Earring
Boucles d'oreilles Scala Ear ClimberBoucles d'oreilles Scala Ear Climber
Boucle d'oreille Viridi Ear Climber DiamondsBoucle d'oreille Viridi Ear Climber Diamonds
Smart 36 Diamonds Yellow Gold EarringSmart 36 Diamonds Yellow Gold Earring
Mad Precious & EthicalSmart 36 Diamonds Yellow Gold Earring
Sale price€6.460 Regular price€7.600
Smart 13 Diamonds Yellow Gold EarringSmart 13 Diamonds Yellow Gold Earring
Mad Precious & EthicalSmart 13 Diamonds Yellow Gold Earring
Sale price€3.315 Regular price€3.900
Yellow Gold Multi Diamond HoopYellow Gold Multi Diamond Hoop
Mad Precious & EthicalYellow Gold Multi Diamond Hoop
Sale price€1.020 Regular price€1.200
Stud Baby Pavé Diamond Sun and MoonStud Baby Pavé Diamond Sun and Moon
Trio Stars Necklace
LO VE earring
Tess Van GhertLO VE earring
Sale price€1.350
Mini Cross Earring
Emerald and Diamond Earring
Rock Star Earring
Spiked Emerald Earring
Spiked Ruby Earring
Viridi Clip Earring Viridi Clip Earring
Stud Anyway Décalé DiamantsStud Anyway Décalé Diamants
Stud Stairway DiamantsStud Stairway Diamants
Stud Stairway Wings DiamantsStud Stairway Wings Diamants
Stud Rockaway DiamantsStud Rockaway Diamants
Stud Anyway Double Goutte DiamantsStud Anyway Double Goutte Diamants
Stud Anyway Cosmique DiamantsStud Anyway Cosmique Diamants
Stud Stairway Argent DiamantsStud Stairway Argent Diamants


10 original piercing ideas

The body is an infinite resource of personal beauty. Mad Lords knows it and offers you 10 original piercing ideas for women.

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