Henson - Collection de bijoux exclusivement chez Mad Lords à Paris


Australia-based studio Henson fuses traditional and contemporary techniques to create beautiful organic forms. The jewelry is made from reclaimed silver, precious stones and gold. The natural manufacturing process ensures that each piece is unique. Everything is handmade, as evidenced by their experimental treatments, meticulous polishes, handcrafted chain links, welded joints, kiln castings and oxidizing shapes.



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Cushion Signet Ring with Black DiamondCushion Signet Ring with Black Diamond
7mm Ring with Diamond7mm Ring with Diamond
Square Ring with Black DiamondSquare Ring with Black Diamond
Small Oval Signet Ring with Diamond and RubySmall Oval Signet Ring with Diamond and Ruby
Rectangle Signet Ring with Black DiamondRectangle Signet Ring with Black Diamond
Large Oval Signet Ring with RubyLarge Oval Signet Ring with Ruby
Long Tag Necklace with Black DiamondLong Tag Necklace with Black Diamond
Square Tag Necklace with Black DiamondSquare Tag Necklace with Black Diamond
Thin Cuff Bracelet with Black DiamondThin Cuff Bracelet with Black Diamond
Gold and Ruby Long Tag NecklaceGold and Ruby Long Tag Necklace
Gold Hammered Round Signet RingGold Hammered Round Signet Ring
Gold and Ruby Small Tag NecklaceGold and Ruby Small Tag Necklace
Bracelet with GoldBracelet with Gold
HensonBracelet with Gold
Sale price€1.080
Gold and Ruby Hammered Signet RingGold and Ruby Hammered Signet Ring
Oval Beads Bracelet with GoldOval Beads Bracelet with Gold
Silver and Gold Tension RingSilver and Gold Tension Ring
Hammered Ring 15mm Gold and RubyHammered Ring 15mm Gold and Ruby
Gold and Ruby Hammered CuffGold and Ruby Hammered Cuff
7mm Gold and Ruby Hammered Ring7mm Gold and Ruby Hammered Ring
Rose Diamond Signet RingRose Diamond Signet Ring
Mini Tags Necklace with GoldMini Tags Necklace with Gold
Flat Curb BraceletFlat Curb Bracelet
HensonFlat Curb Bracelet
Sale price€1.050
Carved and Linked Rings with Gold RivetCarved and Linked Rings with Gold Rivet
Ring SpinnerRing Spinner
HensonRing Spinner
Sale price€435
Small Plate RingSmall Plate Ring
HensonSmall Plate Ring
Sale price€210
Black Diamond Star Stacked RingBlack Diamond Star Stacked Ring
Rose Diamond Carved Stacker RingRose Diamond Carved Stacker Ring
Running River RingRunning River Ring
HensonRunning River Ring
Sale price€270
Raw Diamond Stacker RingRaw Diamond Stacker Ring
Trillion Garnet RingTrillion Garnet Ring
Cavity stacker RingCavity stacker Ring
Engraved Infinity NecklaceEngraved Infinity Necklace

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