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Tobias Wistisen

Tobias Wistisen, born in Denmark, began his career working in the design studio of John Galliano. He draws inspiration from Parisian Haute Couture theatricality and the anarchist approach taught at Galliano, then applies it to the rigorous and creative functionalism of Scandinavian design. While his experience in the creation of clothes has developed in him a very precise and unorthodox approach to materials and shapes, he is finally attracted by the creation of accessories which will truly allow him to bring his touch to creation. All materials are meticulously processed by hand, guaranteeing the uniqueness of each piece, worked to obtain the best possible quality.



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Cracked Beads Macrame BraceletCracked Beads Macrame Bracelet
Single Skull Braid BraceletSingle Skull Braid Bracelet
Multiple Skulls Braid BraceletMultiple Skulls Braid Bracelet
Mix Beads BraceletMix Beads Bracelet
Cross Bar Macrame BraceletCross Bar Macrame Bracelet
Skull Bead BraceletSkull Bead Bracelet
Spikes Signet RingSpikes Signet Ring
Torn Gold Edges Signet RingTorn Gold Edges Signet Ring
Twisted Stone Edges RingTwisted Stone Edges Ring
Cleft RingCleft Ring
Bague Side Torn EdgeBague Side Torn Edge
Brut Stones Signet RingBrut Stones Signet Ring
Lobster Stones RingLobster Stones Ring
Split Stones RingSplit Stones Ring
Double Crest RingDouble Crest Ring
Twisted Gold Edges RingTwisted Gold Edges Ring
Twisted Edges RingTwisted Edges Ring
Stones Tore RingStones Tore Ring
Rotten Stones Chain RingRotten Stones Chain Ring
Cross Torn Edges RingCross Torn Edges Ring
Large Cleft RingLarge Cleft Ring
Side Torn Gold Edge RingSide Torn Gold Edge Ring
Torn Gold and Stones Edges RingTorn Gold and Stones Edges Ring
Gold Box RingGold Box Ring
Torn Edges Signet RingTorn Edges Signet Ring
Multi RingMulti Ring
Gold Lobster RingGold Lobster Ring
Boxes RingBoxes Ring
Large Crests RingLarge Crests Ring
M Torn Edge RingM Torn Edge Ring
Spinel Box RingSpinel Box Ring
Small Spikes RingSmall Spikes Ring

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