Gunda - Collection de bijoux exclusivement chez Mad Lords à Paris


Gunda brand pieces can only be handmade and have quickly earned a reputation for their distinctiveness. Resulting from a meticulous work on a sharp design, they are also of a durable quality, more and more comfortable as they are worn: these two factors demonstrate an authentic artisanal cachet which gives them their singularity. Subsequently, the range of the collection was expanded with inspirations from all over the world, and non-seasonal collections are randomly produced such as the [ONE OF A KIND] line.



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75 Ring75 Ring
Gunda75 Ring
Sale price€3.500
Mariach Ring with DiamondsMariach Ring with Diamonds
Capsule Strap BR-20-12Capsule Strap BR-20-12
GundaCapsule Strap BR-20-12
Sale price€3.600
Line NecklaceLine Necklace
GundaLine Necklace
Sale price€300
Stealth Necklace with Black DiamondsStealth Necklace with Black Diamonds
AT-BR-40 BangleAT-BR-40 Bangle
GundaAT-BR-40 Bangle
Sale price€825
Layer/A NecklaceLayer/A Necklace
GundaLayer/A Necklace
Sale price€795
Barnacle Ring With DiamondsBarnacle Ring With Diamonds
AT-BR-41 BangleAT-BR-41 Bangle
GundaAT-BR-41 Bangle
Sale price€825
Sold out
Grain NecklaceGrain Necklace
GundaGrain Necklace
Sale price€885
Grass NecklaceGrass Necklace
GundaGrass Necklace
Sale price€1.830
Sold out
Rajat NecklaceRajat Necklace
GundaRajat Necklace
Sale price€865
Sold out
Safari 4 BraceletSafari 4 Bracelet
GundaSafari 4 Bracelet
Sale price€680
Sold out
Gantz BraceletGantz Bracelet
GundaGantz Bracelet
Sale price€915
Sold out
Carat Chains Bracelet
GundaCarat Chains Bracelet
Sale price€1.095
Obi BraceletObi Bracelet
GundaObi Bracelet
Sale price€1.125
Night NecklaceNight Necklace
GundaNight Necklace
Sale price€1.410
Sold out
Incense NecklaceIncense Necklace
GundaIncense Necklace
Sale price€535
Skull RingSkull Ring
GundaSkull Ring
Sale price€725
Sold out
Stealth Micros Gold NecklaceStealth Micros Gold Necklace
Sold out
Round Grain NecklaceRound Grain Necklace
GundaRound Grain Necklace
Sale price€1.365
Sold out
Safari BraceletSafari Bracelet
GundaSafari Bracelet
Sale price€990
Pandora RingPandora Ring
GundaPandora Ring
Sale price€390
Sold out
Spike NecklaceSpike Necklace
GundaSpike Necklace
Sale price€1.830
Sold out
Bracelet Capsule Diamants - Gunda - Bracelets pour femme - Mad LordsBracelet Capsule Diamants - Gunda - Bracelets pour femme - Mad Lords

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