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The fundamentals of the Mad Lords tribe.

A story of passion for Art Jewelry

What do we believe in ?

We all belong to tribes. When human being first started to organize themselves as tribes, they established codes. Jewelry was the esthetic expression of these codes. Jewels aim at indicating what you have done for the group, why your achievements made the group sustainable.

Deeply attached to our connection with these long dated tribes, Mad Lords is built itself around these status symbols.

As tribes live separately from the crowd, mad lords was meant to be hidden but accessible.

Our secret spot, highly exclusive, is dedicated to this new type of citizenship. Refusing extrem individualism but claiming the requirement to be separated from the crowd.

We promote a life style, a clear acceptance of who we are , where do we come from and what we want to do for our human brothers.

Our Art jewelry selection. A mix between aesthetic convictions, hand made pieces and luxury.

Who are we ? Where do we come from ?

Mad Lords is a mythic hidden loft-shop located rue Saint- Honoré in Paris.

Mad Lords has been founded by a couple of Parisian aesthetes, art lovers, luxury and creativity enthusiasts. With investment banking background as for Serge and prestigious international luxury brands as for Caroline, they opened Mad Lords, rue St-Honoré, in 2012.

Their loft-shop is hidden in a cosy courtyard dating from king Henry IV. Anyone will be seduced by its warmth, rock'n roll and avant-garde ambiance, it is praised by all the fashion and lifestyle media since the early beginning.

Extending the ancient art of permanent tatoo, Mad Lords proposes to appeal to jewelry as an ephemeral sign of uniqueness. The aesthetes and anti-conformists being passionate about jewelry will discover the perfect mix of artistic symbols, Japanese creativity and craftsmanship.

In this unique space, Mad Lords offers timeless one of the kind pieces, reserved for " the Wilds of the XXIst century".