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Leather, ageless and timeless material.
Always a guarantee of quality, it is in the hands of a talented designer he reached the pinnacle of its development.

Handmade leather accessories

If you need a bag, then you will surely find your happiness among a wide range of leather goods designated with the prestigious designers. Indeed, the expertise of the leather relates in large part the bags, either shoulder, backpack or sublime designer handbags.

But if you did not come here for a bag but for a different type of leather creation?

So might be tempted to refine your silhouette adorning a refined designer leather belt, while highlighting, but with subtlety, all the elegance that characterizes you?
Or, for a purpose that is both practical and stylish, would you look at the designer leather portfolio that will have the delicate task of watching over your assets while strengthening your presence whenever you would pull it out?

The quality of leather worked by designers

Each designer style and know-how, in this case the common skills which result leather creations of Jean-Baptiste Rautureau, the Laura B leather goods and leather accessories Vines Creations, it is the outstanding work of the leather.
Find out how each designer adds his touch to each bag, belt or leather portfolio he created, and make the choice of the element that will ultimately part of yourself.

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6 item(s)
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