Rusty Thought

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Rusty Thought shapes his works with the main objective to see age well over the generations. The designer and placed on the patina of metal (usually solid silver) that makes up the jewelry. For Japanese jewelry Rusty Thought to skate well, they are made with an ancient Japanese method: Ohaguro, which consists of applying a jet black on the metal. With these jewels around the neck or around the wrist, unless you prefer a ring, you ll leave in awe all lovers of Asian culture.

Japanese tradition highlighted

Among the works from the collection Rusty Thought you will find these Japanese jewelry bearing the symbols that make this culture, a mysterious universe and so fascinating. The use of precious stones such as emerald or ruby, in a context that highlights all the meaning of the symbol and the stone itself, will wrap you in a cloud of history and legends. With these creations, you bring along Japanese work of art that will be only more beautiful as and measurement of time, paying tribute to all a tradition.

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43 item(s)
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