Pascale Monvoisin

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...Under the sparkling creativity

The modest and instinctive young woman spends all of her free time the Beaux-Arts.
She draws, models, paints, works with the different shades of materials and colors. One day, almost naturally, she made a ring with pearls from the 30's that she had found on a flea market. Mounted like a sculpture, it had attracted the envy as her bracelets and necklaces...

As the demande grew, she launched her first collection in 2009.

Advocating the mixing of material , Pascale Monvoisin has a keen interest in rose gold and color halftone , past, melted ... Defending tooth and nail his freedom to create, it is a big fan of art galleries as more anonymous places , while serving as a powerful source of inspiration .

Formerly , she was stewardess and traveled a lot , today it travel as much, but in order to always and still create wonderful works of art that fill it and the holders of its creations.

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103 item(s)
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