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Pascale Monvoisin

Orso N°2 Opal necklace

490 € TTC
408,33 € HT

Orso N°2 Opal necklace

Sweetly retro, this "Orso n°2" necklace in red gold finishes with the soft beauty of an opale. A precious Talisman for an enchanting elegance.

Orso N°2 Opal necklace

Materials : Pink Opal - Fire Opal - 9k pink gold
Opal : 2 x 1.5 cm
Chain overall length : 51 cm
Each stone is unique, its color and shape may vary.

REF : 1-004-036-417-28-00


Pascale Monvoisin

At the heart of Pascale Monvoisin's creative universe lies new horizons. This might be due to the fact that in a previous life, she was a flight attendant. From Buenos Aires to Bangkok, from San Francisco to Rio, Delhi, and Tokyo, she nurtures her imagination with other colors, atmospheres, and paintings, sharpening her sense of beauty. Fascinated with underground culture, she dedicates layovers to visiting museums and art galleries, hype as well as off the record places. Wandering through streets in Africa or into an anonymous bar in Los Angeles, contemplating a Rauschenberg or Rothko piece, she feels, above all, freedom to create. These light and confident energies help her take the final leap, daring her to express herself. These light and confident energies help her take the final leap, daring her to express herself. The modest and instinctive young woman starts spending her free time at the Beaux Arts... She draws, models, and paints; working with material nuances and colors. And then, one day, almost naturally she makes a ring with 1930 beads found at a flea market. Structured like a sculpture, the jewel attracts attention; then comes her bracelet, her necklaces… Her inspired pieces are acclaimed, and in 2009, she launches her first line.

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