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Hand-made jewelry by talented designers

On, keep an eye on your favorites designers : Pascale Monvoisin's jewelry collection, Harpo's Amerindians jewelry, Jacquie Aiche's jewelry... All of their jewelry are hand-made from their own workshop and each jewelry is distinctive and unique.

Each designer has his own style and has its own know-how, his own experience, his own preference of material culture or look for jewelry he created. You then get a choice of luxurious jewelry, all different and unique depending on the sensitivity and tastes of its creator.

For example Jacquie Aiche 's jewelry based on emeralds, rubies and marines materials emerge an atmosphere light and navy trend, while jewelry from Harpo you will make you travel in full Native American culture with bison head-shaped jewelry, bear claw or pen.
Some artists will offer Japanese jewelry as Nuihere while others opt for a more style jewelry Rock to Tobias Wistisen through poetic jewelry Serge Thoraval to you to choose how you want to highlight your personality with class and elegance.

Luxurious jewelry for all your desires

Stand out by choosing unique jewelry, perfect unions metals and gems through the leather.

Discover all the luxury jewelry ranges offered by and bring more personable to your look. Breathtaking Man jewelry, Women jewelry and mixed pieces, these collections are true works of arts that will make you travel from cultures to cultures, from the physical world to the spiritual world.

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2000 item(s)
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