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Finely drawn bracelets

These designers bracelets are unique pieces designed by hand in the workshop of the designer itself.
By wearing such a work of art adorn you of a story, reflection and knowledge, any component material wealth and spiritual luxury of such a bracelet.
You do not have as a simple bracelet in gold or silver but the result of cultures and experiences from all corners of the world. This final touch will bring a new dimension to complement your luxurious look.

The luxury of a designer bracelets

Gold bracelet or silver designer bracelet, you will find what you want for increase your elegance. The designers selected on use their expertise and their imagination for make the bracelet that should please you.
Take a look to the collection of Catherine Michiels bracelets charms, to the luxury of poems on bracelet from Serge Thoraval or to the traditionnals M Cohen bracelets with pearls or precious stones from differents cultures.

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935 item(s)
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