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Luxury rings for luxury look

You need to complete your look with hand-made jewelry ?
Ruby, opal, emerald... precious stones combined to gold and silver on beautifuls rings by designers will help you to increase your luxury lifestyle.

Silver and gold hand-mades rings by designers

Admire the precision and the expertise of the designers which created those rings : Pascale Monvoisin's rings, Serge Thoraval's poetic rings... Need an individual and raw style ? Just take a look for the viking style of Tobias Wistisen's rings and for the rock style of M Cohen's rings.

The rings in all materials

Whether you prefer the refined side of pink gold, the authenticity of the silver, the presence of a particular gemstone rings ... you will find the items you need.
Lulled by the quality of work present in these designer rings and complete your look in luxury and class. The material combinations are numerous, and imagination of outstanding designers.

If among the jewelry you prefer those that sublimate your hands, then let yourself be captivated by these luxurious rings of designer collections.
They either gold or silver, garnished with emeralds or rubies, these rings will satisfy your taste for beauty and a desire for knowledge of quality.
Unique designer rings

The rings offered below are handcrafted by various talented designers, making each one unique and full expertise of its creator.
Thus the gold rings Pascale Monvoisin radiate a gentle elegance and charming but solid silver rings M Cohen may correspond more to your independent and confident look.
Each designer has his own style, his own energy which permeate the rings that create, that choice is yours.

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423 item(s)
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